Best Braces Colors To Make Your Teeth Look White

Braces colors can be an excellent way to create a fashion statement. But, can you pick a color to help your teeth look whiter? The short answer: yes. This article goes through the best colors you can pick for braces to help your teeth whiter. You’ll also find more inspiration and ideas you can use to pick the best colors for braces.

7 min readBest Braces Colors to Make Your Teeth Look White

Braces can be an excellent way to make your teeth more straight. Despite their practical use, braces might also be a fashion statement. Picking the right color for your braces can also help them appear naturally whiter.

Braces that make your teeth look whiter might not seem possible. After all, it's your teeth's whiteness that will stand out. But much like any other fashion statement, the right color can help to enhance aspects of your teeth.

Below, you'll find out more about color braces, how they can help your teeth look white, and the best color combinations you can use to make that happen. You'll also find inspiration for the best color combinations and creative ideas.

What Are Color Braces?

Color braces are braces tinted to match a specific color or design. The color tint of choice can apply to some or all braces parts.

Typically, the colors changed are the brackets themselves. These brackets are part of your metal braces, sitting on each of your teeth.

However, you might also want to change the color of the wires or the bands behind the teeth. The standard braces with white bands might not appeal to you if you like colors.

Color braces also have a few additional benefits.

If you've seen images or experienced white braces on yellow teeth, you know how braces can discolor over time. The standard white braces, bands, and materials used can also discolor, even with regular cleaning.

Adding a bit of color to your braces also removes some of the stigmas of having them. The unfortunate judgment and stares people with braces get can be disheartening.

But when you add color, it displays a bit of pride in your teeth. After all, there's no reason you should feel any shame in having braces.

What Color Braces Are Best For Yellow Teeth?

If your goal is to reduce attention on your yellow teeth, your brackets and elastics should be darker shades (like navy blue). The darker colors naturally contrast the color of your teeth, making them appear whiter by comparison.

You might be tempted to go black, but these can look like cavities. This is why a small dash of darker color, like royal blue, is generally better. Of course, if you have a black band and a dark purple set of brackets, you can avoid this assumption.

The Drawbacks Of Using Darker Colors On Braces

The drawback of this choice is that darker colors tend to draw more attention to your teeth. Because white braces colors are more common, people might not notice you have braces from a distance. Up close, however, there will be no question.

Also, you might want to ask why you have yellow teeth. If you drink a lot of coffee or smoke cigarettes, this will contribute to yellower teeth.

If you smoke or drink coffee and have braces with white bands, the bands will stain. To avoid a discolored mouth while having braces, consider avoiding foods with deeper colors. Anything you eat will stain your braces.

Ceramic braces tend to be more stain resistant. So, consider a ceramic alternative if you want to color your braces and get something that fights stains.

You might consider some at-home teeth whitening remedies to reduce your yellow teeth. But always consult with a dental professional before using any DIY remedies, especially when you have braces.

What If You Want To Whiten Your Teeth With Braces?

If you have yellow teeth, at-home or natural teeth whitening might already be part of your process. But, when you add braces, things can get tricky.

Teeth whitening with braces is somewhat limited because of the obstructions in your mouth. As a result, standard whitening strips and trays are impossible.

Instead, you might want to rely on whitening methods that don't require direct access to your teeth. For example, you might depend on whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. After all, you still will need to brush your teeth with braces.

Natural teeth whitening methods, such as oil pulling, are not usually harmful to braces. However, you'll want to consult your dentist before deciding on any DIY teeth whitening method. If you want white and clean teeth with braces, checking with your dentist is always a good first step.

What Braces Color Is Right For You?

The right braces color is one that you feel personally passionate about. Whether it be darker or lighter shades, the color should be something you enjoy.

The good news is that you can get braces changed out every four to eight weeks. So, once you've decided the color is no longer serving you, you can switch it up.

For example, you might choose black and white braces because you love the monochrome fashion style. It might blend with the color of your dress, making it a unique accent that only you can achieve.

You might also choose red and white braces to match the color of your local football team. Pride in local sports is a great inspiration, and your team will appreciate the extra effort.

What If You Want Your Braces To Be Hard To See?

Among standard braces, silver and white colors are harder to see. They tend to blend in more with your teeth. These might be preferred if you don't want to make a fashion statement.

If you want to hide your use of braces, you can also choose invisible braces. For example, when picking lingual braces (those fixed behind your teeth), the viewer is less likely to see them.

You might also consider invisible teeth aligners like Invisalign. However, given the higher braces cost of hidden alternatives, these might be out of the reach of many budgets.

You also might ask yourself: "why do I want my braces hard to see?" Because really, you shouldn't be ashamed of wanting to improve your smile. Braces are just another orthodontic treatment, and your decision to embrace that is up to you.

How To Pick The Best Colors For Your Braces

When picking the best color for your braces, ask yourself two questions.

Question number one, what color goes naturally with your skin tone?

Lighter skin tones tend to contrast well with darker colors. Lighter colors tend to provide no contract to your face, blending in.

This means that darker skin tones tend to benefit more from lighter colors. The pinks and reds look more dynamic when contracting against the face.

Of course, this shouldn't limit you from experimenting, as you might surprise yourself by trying new things.

This brings us to question number two: What impact are you going for?

To answer this question, it helps to understand the color wheel. This breaks down your colors by connection, creating different experiences and feelings based on the color.

Here are some color wheel comparisons:

  • Analogous colors - Three side-by-side colors from the wheel. One is a dominant color, while the others are accents.
  • Complimentary colors - Colors that are opposite of each other on the wheel. Using both makes a more vibrant and dynamic effect.
  • Monochromatic colors - Relies on multiple tones and tints of one base color. It's excellent for creating a more subtle approach to color matching.
  • Tetradic colors - Four colors evenly spaced on the wheel. These create a bold approach to color, one primary and a minimum of three secondary colors.
  • Triadic colors - Three colors evenly spaced on the wheel. This creates a similar experience to tetradic colors.

This is one approach you can take to selecting your brace color. By contracting the color of your braces to the colors you like to wear, you can create a fashionable experience.

Ultimately, you don't have to follow any guide, but this might help you pick something thoughtfully.

Best Color Combinations And Ideas

Need some inspiration? Below, you'll find some different color combinations you can feel inspired by.

  • Royal blue and purple
  • Navy and gold
  • White and black
  • Dark grey and navy blue
  • Blue and red
  • Turquoise and pink
  • Dark red and green
  • Light orange and mint

You might also pick colors to inspire or fit a theme:

  • Bright green and red (colors for the holiday season)
  • Pastel rainbow colors (for Easter)
  • Just pink (to support breast cancer awareness)
  • Orange and black (to celebrate Halloween)
  • Deep red (For valentines day)
  • Orange and burgundy (Fall colors)

Of course, there are also some braces colors you should probably avoid:

  • Yellow (You want to make your teeth whiter, don't do the opposite!)
  • Lime green
  • Brown (because they look like teeth stains)
  • Flesh color
  • Black (because they look like cavities)

Conclusion - Can The Right Braces Colors Make Teeth Whiter?

To make a long story short - yes. The right braces colors can make your teeth appear whiter. Typically, these colors contrast to create the illusion of water teeth, so pick darker colors like deep blue or purple.

But you might pick colors based on other factors.

Colors can be picked because you have a lighter or darker complexion.

Contrasting colors make your face and teeth appear more dynamic. This way, you can create unique approaches to fashion.

You might also match your colors to other parts of your fashion. Matching your dress, suit, or lipstick with blending or contrasting colors can give you a unique look.

You might also pick colors based on a theme. Good themes include raising awareness for breast cancer or matching the closest holiday.

Despite the color wheel telling us that colors can create unique experiences, it's ultimately up to you. If the color combination doesn't bring you joy, don't do it. Pick the braces that best represent what you want to show the world.

For more tips on how braces colors work with your teeth, check out our related questions below.

Do Red Braces Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

Generally speaking, no. Red is generally a brighter color that gives off the feeling of passion. Because of this, bright red colors are more likely to match your clothes, makeup, or lipstick.

If you pick a darker red color, it might help your teeth look a bit whiter. However, blues and purples tend to be a bit more effective at this.

Do Black Braces Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

Yes. Black braces are great for contrast, making lighter shades around them seem brighter by comparison. Because of this, black isn't a bad choice when picking braces that make your teeth look whiter. Be aware that your braces might look like cavities when choosing this color.

What Color Braces Are Most Attractive?

With beauty being in the eye of the beholder, the most attractive braces depend on who is looking at them. Those who prefer a more feminine approach to attractiveness might choose brighter colors like pink or red. Meanwhile, masculine approaches to beauty might like darker colors like greens or blues.

What Color Braces Should I Avoid?

Yellow is the worst color you can pick for braces. A solid yellow color might make people think you have yellow teeth, which is naturally unappealing. Yellow is only excusable when choosing a pastel rainbow color because there are other unique colors beyond yellow.

What Color Braces Look Best On A Girl?

The best color braces for a girl will depend on their skin tone. The dark blue of violet would be a great color for a girl with a brighter skin tone. Meanwhile, darker skin tones might benefit from more brilliant reds or pinks. Ultimately though, the color braces a girl looks best in are those the girl feels most comfortable in.

Do All White Braces Turn Yellow?

No. Ceramic braces are more stain resistant, making them less likely to change color. White braces are more likely to turn yellow when made of other materials.

However, the elastic of both types of braces will still turn yellow. Tooth discoloration is more likely to happen when eating more colorful foods.

Do Grey Braces Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

No. Grey braces are dull in color, which isn't an effective means of creating contrast. Darker grey colors might make your teeth look whiter, but they are more likely to do when they are closer to black. Grey, however, is more likely not to draw attention to your teeth, which has benefits.

What Color Braces Should I Get First?

To answer this question, ask yourself how you want your teeth to stand out. If you prefer people not to stare at your teeth, get the standard white, silver, or grey colors for your braces. However, if you like to be the center of attention through your mouth, pick more dynamic colors that contrast with your complexion.